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Introducing X+

It’s a mission towards global responsibility and interconnection. Federation X and the Ten Legions apply its corporate social respons-ibility through a conscious act of giving, hence the “X+”.

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Vision Statement:

Federation X Holdings and the Ten Legions delivers great products in an appealing way - to people around the world. Federation X aims to provide –

Freedom of Choice.

Our Beliefs

Our vision concentrates on the future. Our mission is to concentrate on the present, on our path to achieve the vision. The vision is a source of inspiration. It provides us with a clear decision-making criteria. It makes us bold and yet humble.

As problem solvers, we don’t just create ”new stuff”, but simply make it better. As distributors we open new exciting markets, both technically and territorial. As creative thinkers, we steer traditional advertising and brand messaging into non-traditional channels, especially those clearly emerging as culturally pre-eminent, such as 3G wireless, VOD and similar. We overcome technological hurdles and reach customers in venues where the medium is blurred. We are a key enabler for the end user to ”see the light” of a brand, and increase prospects of converting one-time users into consistent buyers.

By tapping into the cultural mores, flair & game-orientated focus reflective to Federation X Holdings and the Ten Legion’s own youthful culture, we draw on non-traditional storytelling techniques and utilise proven analytical tools to unearth critical consumer insight.

Federation X Holdings and the Ten Legions creates inventive, engaging & meaningful user experiences that stick, that impact, that gets a reaction.

It’s not an age thing. It’s a mind-set thing. Federation X is the think tank and the Ten Legions incarnate.

Disciplined Thinking

It is no coincidence that Federation X Holdings Inc. has chosen to structure an organization with legions and virtual networks. The legions build complex networks and enable an advanced infrastructure, which will profit from an abundance of new media and types of consumption. These virtual forces might be invisible to most, but the alliances are several. The benefits of our approach lie in our unconventional realization and business philosophy, which will fit old systems and still create innovative solutions for the new market. Our managers, couriers and negotiators are able to move fast between the various lines and have linguistics to understand and respect the cultural differences.

The legions grow strong within respectively sphere of business and have the task to be at the frontiers. They are able to, in a flexible way and in confidence, make use of each other´s competence and support. In that way, we have the possibility to, with technical innovations and legal prerequisites, weave together a strong infra-structure. Strategy and fast torrent of communication is a huge and important part of our mission.

The protection of the individual creators, the rebels as well as the big established companies permeates our business philosophy. Our infrastructure intend to be used by them all but with common conditions.

We don’t have to build a company in a way other people expect us to.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary

Liberators of Ideas

Understand that a road map of where we have been is not at all useful in travelling to where we want to go. Take roads less travelled.