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LEG•X•G invests in and develops new systems for the mobile market. LEG•X•G has through Phone4Fun™ developed a global, full service system for digital content sales and marketing focused on new ways to the market. The first part of the product line includes a retail system with a new business model that gives content providers as well as retailers a better profit.

Phone4Fun™ work with exclusive branded content in the retail product line. Independent and exceptional types of content need other solutions. LEG•X•G addresses these issues and has created additional offerings in conjunction with its sister Legions.

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The Ten Legions

Activated Legions February 2010

Legio I Germanica

Music             Learn more

Legio III Gallica


Legio IV Macedonia


Legio VII Claudia

Web               Learn more

Legio VIII Augusta


Legio IX Hispana


Legio X Gemina

Mobile           Learn more

Legio XI Claudia

Technology   Learn more

Legio XII Fulminata


Legio XIII Gemina



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Legio X Gemina


Prototypes developed for clients, © 2010 to respective owner

Branded packages

The Phone4Fun™ cards are branded packages filled with a variety of content, both printed and digital content. The digital content does target mobile phones but can also allow the fans to consume the material on-line.

Comes with booklet

Inside the package there is a booklet. A mini magazine with branded content as interviews, images and biography of the artist/brand. Premium cards can include ”candy” as stickers, tattoos or collectibles

Great packages

The look and feel of the package is of most importance. We spend much time to create great packaging. The cards will also have special effects to atract fans with exclusivity such as fur, jewelery, embossing and/or metallic paper.

Phone4Fun™ Productline

Phone4Fun™ Retail

We ship the Phone4Fun™ Retail displays to stores filled with a minimum of 25 different branded products times 15 cards of each product. We ship the the displays on consignment if exclusively periods are met. The displays are automatically refilled with updates by us.

Phone4Fun™ Merchandise

The Phone4Fun™ Merchandise is offered to major artists, sports events and/or shows only. We produce a full range of products related to the artist/brand and sell them at the arenas. The Phone4Fun™ Merchandise are exclusive collectors items.