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LEG•VII•C invests in web-orientated companies and projects and creates systems, technology solutions, graphic design and databases. Our own flagship is HitBrigade™, a huge website and database project for the entire entertainment industry with additional areas of interest. HitBrigade™ works with all the ten legions and add value and synergies with FX products and partners.

HitBrigade solves the legal, technical issues of delivering one system for one global market, still providing The Freedom of Choice. We understand the complexity of the entertainment industries and have created one platform to address these issues. HitBrigade have the potential to create a very huge content database in all categories, and the potential to enter partnership with existing communities without violating laws or existing business agreements from third parties. This is a very powerful solution for on-line deliverance of digital entertainment.

The company

The Ten Legions

Activated Legions February 2010

Legio I Germanica

Music             Learn more

Legio III Gallica


Legio IV Macedonia


Legio VII Claudia

Web               Learn more

Legio VIII Augusta


Legio IX Hispana


Legio X Gemina

Mobile           Learn more

Legio XI Claudia

Technology   Learn more

Legio XII Fulminata


Legio XIII Gemina



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Legio VII Claudia


Freedom of Choice

For Artists

Artists can upload their content and create a fullblown profile of their own. HitBrigade™ offer a wide range of services and tools for both independent and major artists.

For Brigaders

As a community member of HitBrigade™ you can create both personal and professional profiles. The Brigaders can personalize the entire site in real time with simple tools. HitBrigade™ offer a range of different payment methods for members to pick from.

For the Industry

Professional services for the industry to pick from. The site offer never-ending opportunities to expand the business models and marketing opportunities. Interaction with retail, concerts and clubs creates new revenue streams. We offer innovative viral marketing tools.