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LEG•I•G is involved in all aspects of the music industry. With experience from record labels, management, merchandise, tours and bookings we build infra-structure for new global distribution and marketing. LEG•I•G brings about ”THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE”.

With aggregation of music to a number of on-line stores, mobile operators and mobile hanset manufacturers we reach existing sales channels of digital content.

Through our flagship website/service HitBrigade™ we can offer a wide range of innovative services for the music industry, creators and consumers.

Phone4Fun™ offer a new way of delivering digital content with physical packaging through traditional retail channels, events and concerts.

We offer a smorgasboard of technologies and services addressing new plat-forms and devices where partners and/or clients can take advantage of our expertise. We have also a focus on viral marketing games and interactive products.

We create and offer a wide range of merchandise and creation of innovative digital merchandise.

LEG•I•G also acts as a record label and hold rights for backcatalogues of music and license music to specific campaigns, placement in television, games and/or advertising.

The company

The Ten Legions

Activated Legions February 2010

Legio I Germanica

Music             Learn more

Legio III Gallica


Legio IV Macedonia


Legio VII Claudia

Web               Learn more

Legio VIII Augusta


Legio IX Hispana


Legio X Gemina

Mobile           Learn more

Legio XI Claudia

Technology   Learn more

Legio XII Fulminata


Legio XIII Gemina



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Legio I Germanica


Who’s to Blame - Documentary

Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs n Harmony, EPMD, Public Enemy, Spider Loc from G-Unit, Big Syke from Thuglife, Bishop Lamont, Damani, Damizza (Producer Mariah Carey), Jerry Heller (he was Manager of NWA back in the days), Ja Rule, Chink Santana (producer Ashanti etc), M.O.P., DJ Quik, AMG, Lil Eazy (Eazy E's son), EB (Eazy E's dotter), Crips (gang), Bloods (Gang), Bad Lucc, Xzibit, Nas n Damian Marley, Daz and Kurupt DPG

80 hrs of filmed material

Legio I Germanica aggregate music to on-line music stores, mobile operators and mobile handset manufacturers on a global market.