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Investment Opportunity

Legio X Gemina Inc. now seeks $5.0M in a Series A round fund expansion of sales and business development.

Legio X’s primary strategy is to boost the expansion of Phone4Fun™ and M&A’s.

Advisory Firm

Cogentic is an advisory firm that specializes in developing, incubating and funding innovations in the technology, media and telecom industry sectors. Their flagship clients include major Hollywood studios, emerging technology firms, content distributors, consumer electronics firms, and the investment community. Cogentic select only the very best clients - our goal is to have a vested interest in your success.

Through their partnership with Rainmaker,, a broker-dealer based in Chicago, Illinois, Cogentic has the full capability of a mid-market broker-dealer platform. Today, Cogentic maintains close relationships with more than 350 institutional investors, more than 100 of which are large strategic investors and buyers of technology, media or telecom companies.

Placement Agent

Rainmaker Securities

200 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 2100

Chicago Illinois 60604

+1 (312) 896-8290

Strategic Investment

Long term partnership

For qualified, strategic investors only

We offer an investment opportunity up to 50M €. For the first time Federation X Holdings Inc. offer selected, strategic investors to become partners in the ultimate holding company. It is a unique opportunity to become part of a portfolio of more than a list of great companies, but a synergic business model able to boost the individual investments and reduce risk factors.

Funds are earmarked for a combination of existing assets and an expansion of our portfolio. A qualified and strategic investor will be instrumental and able to influence the suggested portfolio.

Federation X Holding’s portfolio criterias has to meet one or several criterias:

  1. It has to be a Game Changer

  2. It offers a Bypass Strategy

  3. It has to have Strong Business Models

  4. It has to be High Quality

  5. It has to fit the Overall Synergy Strategy with existing FX business

The proposed portfolio includes:

Infra Structure





Intellectual Properties

    Film Fund

New Financial System

    Bank License

                By invitation only

It is all connected - Markets, Distribution, Content, Payments

But more than anything is availability.

Many of the major companies, from different industries, have expressed a clear interest in our business that will change the market place. With that in mind we rest assure that we have a strong and convincing strategy to boost the business models in more ways than one.

We value strong relationships and firmly believe it’s a key factor in today’s business climate. We reach several territories and can therefore show great potential results in different segments of the markets.

We have prepared several case studies to selected partners and all show exceptional potential, creating new markets and opportunities due to strong business models.

Highlighted above is one of the untapped markets focused on one industry alone. To address these opportunities we are not only creating new formats and products, but also involved in the financial system itself.


                         Federation X and the Ten legions offer several Game Changers

Market Overview

The music industry will bring in $4.2B in revenue from digital downloads globally in 2012

At present, there are over 3.3B global mobile subscribers, growing to 4.5B by 2012

2,455M adults globally do not use formal or semiformal financial services (53% of the global population)

Investment Opportunity

Go-to-market boost

Percentage of adults that don’t use formal or semiformal financial services

Forwardlooking Statements

show a potential

Billion dollar


The Federation X Portfolio

seeks qualified partners to expand