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The Ten Legions

Activated Legions February 2010

Legio I Germanica

Music             Learn more

Legio III Gallica


Legio IV Macedonia


Legio VII Claudia

Web               Learn more

Legio VIII Augusta


Legio IX Hispana


Legio X Gemina

Mobile           Learn more

Legio XI Claudia

Technology   Learn more

Legio XII Fulminata


Legio XIII Gemina



The Big Picture
The Ten Legions build for the Future
Dedicated to open new distribution, marketing, and technology for entertain-
ment and lifestyle consumers and creators

It’s a Game Changer

The story of 
the Egg


HitBrigade™ BETA version

Legio X Gemina - Mobile
Phone4Fun™ is more than a new format,
                       it’s a Game Changer


Phone4Fun™ is a hybrid between physical and digital.

Phone4Fun™ is the best of two worlds, a physical card including a booklet and collectibles, and digital downloads as Full Tracks, Ringtones, Videos, Images, Games, Interviews and many more.


For Potential Partners Only

Picture an egg. Day after day, it sits there. No one pays attention to it. No one notices it.

But, from the chickens point of view, the moment of breakthrough, of cracking the egg, is simply one more step in a long chain of steps that has led to this moment.

It is time to crack the shell...