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Federation X and the Ten Legions have a common goal: 

to expand the possibilities for brands and creators and their chances to be part of 
The Big Picture.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture




Intellectual Properties

Product Development


The Big Picture

Federation X and the Ten Legions overarching theme in it’s approach to do business

We seek out great content, both major and fresh, within the categories of Music, Games, Film, Television, Sports, Kids, Educational and other brands.

  1. Licensing

  2. Partnership

  3. Development / Innovation

  4. Full or Partial Ownership

With our own or through professional teams our goal is to create innovative and exclusive content related to the brands.

  1. Exclusiv / Innovative

  2. Interactive

  3. Formatting

  4. Packaging

Always on top of the latest within technology we are able to collaborate and/or develop technologies to fit our own and our partners needs.

  1. Accessability

  2. Exploration

  3. Enhanced Experience

  4. Full or Partial Ownership

Through our hybrid format and other channels we are able to reach global distribution addressing traditional, new and unbanked markets.

  1. Digital Web / Mobile / Consoles

  2. Retail

  3. Events

  4. Bundles

  5. Aggregation

Our products / displays are able to attract of potential customers in retail or at events connected with on-line campaigns and/or bundeled with major adverisers.

• In-Store

  1. Events

  2. Web / Social Networking Sites

A suite of different payment solutions makes it possible to reach potential customers throughout the world including the 53% of the worlds unbanked population.

  1. Cash

  2. Cards / Mobile / Billing account

  3. 3rd Party Payment